Sanyasi The Hermit has been shot !

The Hermit aka Sanyasi, our new production, has been shot, last November and December 2015 !

Sanyasi dir.Kamal Musale, cinematography Piotr Jaxa SCS
Sanyasi director Kamal Musale, cinematography Piotr Jaxa SCS, sound Eric Ghersinu, François Musy


We are happy with the result, the production looks gorgeous and the performances are world class for this original comedy.
We are now in post-production, as editing has started. We will shoot the opening missing scenes in London next month, a 3 days shoot.
We expect a cut in time for the Cannes Film Festival.

The Hermit - 31
Christopher Shyer, Gia Sandhu, Sylvain Reymond

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