Les Films du Lotus Sàrl

Les Films du Lotus Sàrl

A Swiss Production House

Les Films du Lotus is a Swiss-based film production and development company founded in 1992 by Kamal Musale and Heinz Dill. We selectively produced nationally and internationally more than 20 films over the last three decades. These include fiction, art movies, documentaries, with Swiss National broadcasters (German, French, Italian) and European ones (Germany, France, Sweden).

Les Films du Lotus’s new feature film Kavita & Teresa will be released in 2022, co-produced between Curry Western Movies (India) and Kavita Teresa Film Ltd (U.K.). The movie depicts the early life of Mother Teresa and her struggle with her loss of faith. It is also the contemporary story of a young British woman of Indian finding compassion in her life.

Our previous co-production feature was Curry Western, a black comedy in English, shot in India and the U.K. (co-produced with Louise Production (Switzerland), Curry Western Movies (India) and Flick The Switch (U.K.). Before that, we co-produced Bumbai Bird, a feature drama in Hindi (co-produced with Curry Western Movies (India).

We also produced short films, humanitarian videos (Red Cross, Amnesty International, Barefoot acupuncturists), corporate and commercial work (FIFA-UEFA, Nestlé, Nespresso, Coop Naturaline, BCV Bank, Henniez Water, Swiss Federal Affairs Office, Red Cross, Terre des Hommes).

We co-produce with our sister companies Curry Western Movie (India) and Curry Western Entertainment (U.K.), founded by Kamal Musale.


  • Curry Western, 2018
  • Bumbai Bird, 2017
  • Barefoot Acupuncturists, 2015
  • Motoco, 2014
  • Police, 2011
  • Making Of Inland, 2010
  • Cairn, 2007
  • The State Of Things, 2006
  • Making Blind Date, 2006
  • Aline, 2003
  • Zé, Healers from Brasil, 2001
  • Mummenschanz, 2000
  • Pacific Journal, 1998
  • Pieds Nus, 1995
  • Aï-Amour, 1994
  • Looking For Rosamunde, 1992
  • 3 Soldiers, 1889
  • Human Rights, 1984
  • Comme une Distance, 1983

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