Bumbai Bird at the FIFF

Bumbai Bird, directed by Kamal Musale, has been selected by the International Film Festival of Fribourg (FIFF), a festival that is focused on selected cultural films from Asia, Africa and Latin America. Our movie will premiere on Thursday the 6th of April at 8 pm, with an unique event: the music of the film will be played live on piano by the talented and well-known  jazz musician Malcolm Braff, who composed the soundtrack with electronic musician Gilles Aubry. This will be the final improvisation touch to this special movie. There will be a second screening Saturday 8th of April, at 8 pm in the main cinema for the closing evening of the festival.

“In the Bumbai Bird’s title, there is Bumbai for the unity of place and Bird like Charlie Parker: Kamal Musale has indeed composed his aerial film as a jazzman. From his improvisation was born, and that’s the height of his performance, a formidably mastered work, which seems to have been previously fully written and drawn, as if Alejandro Gonzalez Innaritu’s Amores Perros had been reincarnated in India.” Thierry Jobin, FIFF director.

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