Kamal Musale


The Swiss-Indian KAMAL MUSALE is a talented and atypical author and director, a born filmmaker, permanently on a quest for new forms in his rich and varied film career, that included art movies for European broadcasters, documentaries and fiction features, commercials, stage and even radio feature plays.

Kamal previous feature, Bumbai Bird, a movie in Hindi, co-produced between India and Switzerland, has won the Best Indie Film at the European Cinematography Awards 2017, and the Best Screenplay at the Indian Cine Film Festival 2017.

His latest feature documentary, Millions Can Walk, co-directed with Christoph Schaub, about the Yan Satagraya March which saw 100’000 landless Indian farmers marching for their rights, has been distributed across cinemas in Europe, and won the Best Documentary Award at the Stuttgart Indian Film Festival 2014.

Kamal is now preparing his new movie Teresa & Kavita, a contemporary drama and a biopic of Mother Teresa, to be shot in English in India and UK in 2019.

Born in Switzerland, with a mixed background from India, Kamal has always been inspired by British humour. A graduate of the National Film School in England, he developed his own very personal brand of humour, with the constant care to be easily understood across cultures.

In making Curry Western, his first international feature shot in English, Kamal Musale has created a delightful, cheeky, personal film.

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