Millions can walk will attend Fribourg Film Festival 2014

The FIFF is proud to present the premiere screening in Western Switzerland of this impressive documentary by the renowned filmmakers Christoph Schaub and Kamal Musale. At the heart of Millions Can Walk, the question looms: How can one stand up for one’s rights without resorting to force? The directors bear witness to the march, an echo of Ghandi’s cherished passive resistance, in colourful and engaging images. Thierry Jobin  

The documentary will be screened on the 30th of March 2014.

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Media interaction with Nandita Das and Kamal Musale at MIFF 2014

After the screening of the documentary ‘Millions can walk’ at Mumbai international film festival, the talented actress Nandita Das shares her support towards the non-violent struggle and to all the people that are contributing with their work to spread and increase the awareness of such movements.

Commenting on ‘Millions can walk’, Kamal Musale said: “We wanted to present it from the point of view of people involved in the march. This is why we had to cast the protagonists in advance and we had to follow them in their villages and saw them in their natural environment before we could follow them during the march”.

Commenting on the release of the film, the actress said: “We think non violence is kind of weakness but I think there is a great amount of strength in this non violence and this is why this march is so special”.  And also “Great things are happing in our country, there are lots of wonderful people who are very quietly doing amazing work but often we don’t have to know”… “Now it’s up to all of us and to the media to spread the word so we create a demand for such films”.

Nandita Das supports the non violent way of action

The talented actress pledges her support towards the non violent struggles as portrayed in the upcoming documentary ‘Millions Can Walk’

Nandita Das & Kamal Musale
Nandita Das & Kamal Musale

The documentary  ‘Millions Can Walk’, which is based on the Jan Satyagraha movement, has been garnering already lot of praise. Directed by Christophe Schaub and Kamal Musale, the film was premiered in India on February 6, 2014 at the Mumbai International Film Festival. Added to the list of admirers is award winning actress Nandita Das. The actress was all praise not just for the documentary but also for the non violent struggle and the principles it stands for.

Nandita & Kamal at the MIFF press conference
Nandita & Kamal at the MIFF press conference

Commenting on the release of ‘Millions Can Walk’, the actress said, “Non violent marches have always been an integral part of India’s struggle against injustice and are considered a momentous way to fight for your cause as it takes a lot of strength to make your point without being aggressive. ‘Millions Can Walk’ tells the story of one such effort by the Adivasis of our country in a very effective way. Surely our country needs more films like these which are made not only for the niche audiences but are also watched by more people because these are stories that need to be seen, told and heard beyond all borders”.


Millions Can Walk at MIFF 2014

A film by Christophe Schaub & Kamal Musale

Millions Can Walk

a feature documentary by Christophe Schaub and Kamal Musale will be screening on February 6, 2014 at 2.30 pm at Tata Theatre, NCPA.

Commenting on the release of the film, director Kamal Musale, said, Millions Can Walk is the story of a struggle for justice. It’s about a huge and silent mass of people who found a powerful way to claim for their rights. Our movie documents their non violent action, compelling the government to heed them. We wanted to give this historic protest a permanent voice and to inspire people to stand up for their rights.”


Millions Can Walk is an eye opening documentary about a 400 kilometer protest march by 100,000 indigenous inhabitants and landless farmers from Gwalior to Delhi. Their demand? Their right to existence and obtaining a beneficial Land Reforms Act to provide access to land and livelihood resources to the poor landless, homeless and marginalized communities. With a voice-over providing background history, this narrative documentary is interspersed with interviews of the participants and the minister responsible for handling their ordeal. It shows the multiple facets of this imposing protest march and focuses as well on the daily realities of these proud people.

How can one fight for one’s rights without using violence? With such an important contemporary question, the film spreads far beyond the borders of India, it reflects what is happening all over the world: in Brazil, in China, in Indonesia: “all these countries want to catch up as much as they can with the rich countries of the world. They want to be attractive for investments and therefore put productivity first, with disregards to displacement of people because of factories, water dams or reservoir, or other land grabbing issues. The victims are of course the weaker one economically, the indigenous people or the untouchables. Capitalism in this fashion, without guardrails, without ethics or values, is growing as an ever starving uncontrolled monster whose appetite and pollution endangers society at large.”

Eurindiamedia attended the ‘MIFF HUB’ 2014

This is a new initiative at Mumbai International Film Festival 2014 providing a vibrant platform and meeting point for filmmakers to network, interact and develop productive contacts with Global and Indian funders, broadcasters, distributors and co- producers.

Liter of Light Europe

Liter of Light Europe is part of a global open source network with the aim to spread an alternative cheap source of light.

A normal PET-Bottle filled with water can be used as a light bulb to bring light into underprivileged households during the day. The plastic bottle is filled with only water and bleach. The liquid inside the bottle harnesses the light from the sun, capturing and diffracting the light to all parts of the room. It is equivalent to a 55 watt light bulb. The Swiss organization was founded by 10 graduate students from the University of St.Gallen in Fall 2011.

Bio Cotton

Bio Cotton with Naturaline and Bio Re.

Curry Western Productions produces a series of short films about bio-cotton to better introduce and create awareness to the general public about the huge benefit of organic farming.

Bio Re foundation has been created in 1997 by Coop and Remei AG (Switzerland) to help create a better and viable environment for farmers working in the cotton field, in India and Tanzania, and provides them with a stable source of income and a positive social environment for them and their families. Naturaline is the natural offspring of this relationship, a brand that embodies values of respect for the people and the environment. Naturaline is the first producer of bio-cotton worldwide.

Liter of Light – Mumbai Workshop

The Consul General of Switzerland in Mumbai, Mr Mr. Werner Nievergelt, met Swiss and Indian students from the movement Liter of Light, during their workshop in Mumbai.
The Swiss Indian Film Bridge coordinated the activities of the Swiss students during their stay in Mumbai, where they brought light in the slums, and helped create independent movement with Indian students and activists.

Bumbai Bird teaser 2


Bumbai Bird is our first feature film in Hindi, currently in post-production.

It tells the story of a soul which is encountering different unconscious people in Mumbai, and going backward in time to understand what happened to them, how were their lives and what destiny meant to them. The film is mixing different levels of reality with poetic devices. It also has the particularity to be written, shot and edited in the same time, following patterns of improvised performance, evolutive writing after editing, inspiring new camera work as the film takes shape. This experience is based on a concept and treamtent by writer-director Kamal Musale.

The movie Bumbai Bird is a coproduction between India and Switzerland, aimed at European markets and festivals.

Release in 2013.

Motoco – the road-movie–teaser film

Following twenty students and staff from Hyperwerk, the post-industrial Institute for design in Basel, director Kamal Musale has been filming the experimental movie for a month together with fellow film-maker and journalist Andreas Hoessli.

The half-hour film is now being edited by Selina Nayyar at Curry Western, Mumbai. Original music is from Turkish composer Nazim Cinar.

The road-movie started in Basel, passing through Trieste,visiting art schools in Zagreb and Belgrade, saw Sofia, and eventually arrived in Istanbul to meet with the students and professors from the Yildiz Design and Architecture departments. The workshop in Istanbul has been producing material that will be presented at the International Design Exhibition from June 6 in Basel. The first part of the movie is now being edited by Selina Nayyar, our inhouse editor.

The Motoco project involves design students from schools in France, Germany, Switzerland, Croatia, Serbia, Greece, Hungary, and Turkey. The seconde phase of shooting will take place in India in 2013. Motoco Road-Movie is a coproduction between Hyperwerk Institute, Les Films du Lotus (Switzerland) and Curry Western Productions(India).


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